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We chose the name “AVANLIGHT” as we feel it represents our true nature and how we want to work with our clients. 

“AVAN” comes from the Portuguese word “Avançar", meaning to move forward. We believe that in a rapidly changing globalised world, this is a key attribute every business should adopt. Those that are not prepared or willing to keep moving forward will be left behind. This is especially true of the Legal sector, where competition is becoming more relentless every day.  

“LIGHT” simply means that we bring light to your business. Sometimes a small change from the outside can take you to a different kind of success. 

Our ethos is to provide a first-class service to our clients. With that aim, we intend to keep our portfolio very small, to provide a unique and close service.  


We do not charge by the hour and our fees are designed to provide you with the best value tailored to your needs and aspirations. 

Looking to increase your prospective client database, improve your marketing and build a business generation culture at your firm?
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